Annual Per Family Registration Fee:

A $50 registration fee will be applied annually. The fee is required to maintain enrollment in our program and will be added on the yearly anniversary month of your original enrollment.

Household  and Multi-class Discount:

Households registering more than one family member will receive a 10% discount for each subsequent family member after the first member is registered. Students registering for more than one class will receive a multi-class discount of 10% off the subsequent class(es). Discount is taken on the lowest priced class. Discounts can’t be combined.

Withdrawal Policy:

Student are enrolled until a parent or guardian provides written consent to drop the class.  If the schedule no longer works for you, simply email frontdesk@griffingymnastics.com or call 703-738-6000 by the 15th of the month prior to your requested drop and we will remove your child from the class and cease billing for the class.  We do not issue a refund/ credit if you withdraw earlier in the month and there are classes remaining. Tuition is based on enrollment (guaranteed spot) and not reflective of attendance. There are no refunds/credits for students who decide to stop class mid-month. Exceptions are for those with proper documentation of relocation orders or medical notes.

Refund Policy:

One of our core values is standing with and by our team. We’re so confident in our coaches that we offer first time families a 100% money back guarantee. If your child isn’t happy in class during the first 30 days, simply email our customer service team at frontdesk@griffingymnastics.com and we’ll refund your tuition. After your first 30 days tuition is not refundable unless Dynamic Gymnastics cancels a class. If a student decides to voluntarily drop out of a class mid-month they are still responsible for that month’s  tuition. If Dynamic Gymnastics cancels a class, you have the option to receive a refund or receive a credit on your account towards tuition within a certain time period.  Household credits are not transferable to other households. Refunds may also be granted with proper documentation in the case of relocation orders or medical circumstances only.

No Make-Ups:

Dynamic Gymnastics does not offer class makeups because class sizes are set with a coach-to-gymnast ratio to ensure your child’s safety.  Adding additional children to a class to accommodate makeup requests would impact these ratios and put children at risk.

Weather Policy:

Dynamic Gymnastics follows the Fairfax County Public Schools weather closings and delays.  If Fairfax schools are closed, we are closed. In the event of a 2 hour delay, Dynamic Gymnastics will open at noon. Credits will not be given for any classes missed due to weather related closures.

Drop off/ Pick up Policy:

The staff of Dynamic Gymnastics makes the safety of your child our top priority. For this reason, we ask parent/guardians of children in instructional classes to come into the gym to get their children. Please advise your child to check with the front desk if they do not see their ride. Dynamic Staff may not escort a child outside the building.  Late pickups will incur a $25 charge per 15 minute increment to enable us to pay staff overtime as they wait for your pickup.

Rolling Enrollment:

Dynamic Gymnastics is a year round program with monthly tuition based on the average of four classes per month. Once enrolled in classes you will stay enrolled with monthly tuition charges until you withdraw from class. Dynamic Gymnastics memberships are continuous. The tuition pays for your child’s space in the class regardless of attendance.


  • We monitor our waitlists daily and will keep watching for an opening for you.
  • It is difficult to estimate how long your child will be on a waitlist. Class openings depend on students transferring out of class, for various reasons, to make room for new students. Sometimes customers are on a waitlist for a day, sometimes months. We encourage you to enroll in another available class time and wait list for your ideal class time so that your child can still participate in the meantime. If none of our available class times work for you, you may waitlist your child for as many class times you would like to increase your chances of getting a class.
  • If an opening in a class you are waitlisted for on becomes available, the office will contact you and e-mail you. You will have 24 hours to respond and let us know if you would like to enroll in that class before we move on to the next person on the waiting list or open it up to the public.
  • You are not charged anything to remain on a waiting list. Once enrolled in a class, you will be charged the current tuition. We will pro-rate the current month’s tuition based on your start date, if necessary.