core values


Core Values

 Our goal is simple: inspiring you to achieve your personal best.

Our core values are mutual respect, honesty with compassion, courage to try new things and standing with and by our team.


 Respect for oneself, teammates, coaches and opponents is essential for any athlete to succeed. At Dynamic Gymnastics, we drive this value home in every class and team practice. This value will carry our gymnasts far in the classroom, the home and the future. 

Honesty With Compassion

Life doesn’t come with participation medals. At Dynamic Gymnastics, our coaches spur our gymnasts to push themselves to succeed. Not every routine gets an atta boy but every coach’s suggestion will be offered with compassion and respect for the gymnast. 


For some gymnasts, simply putting on a leotard will take courage. For others, mastering the back tuck will seem insurmountable. Our coaches encourage every gymnast at every level to strive for new achievements in a safe and compassionate environment. 

Standing With and by Our Team

Team isn’t just a word at Dynamic Gymnastics. Our athletes are taught at every level to encourage their peers, cheer on their successes and lift them up when they fall.