It’s a 6-week program for only $102.00. 

Each week will be geared toward a specific theme or event.

We are currently offering Beginner, Novice and Intermediate level classes.

Each Monday your gymnasts will log onto the “Zoom Virtual Gymnastics Class” to meet with their gymnastics coach to learn what skills they will be working on and what else to expect throughout the week.  

Our amazing coaches will explain the 5 skills of focus that are located on the special home-nastics sticker chart. In addition, your gymnast will be able to log into the “Google Classroom” where their coach will be sending out additional content each day throughout the week.  Your gymnasts can expect to receive challenges of the day, small but creative assignments, strength and stretching ideas, coloring pages, coach feedback and more. 

This is the perfect way to keep your gymnast active and current in gymnastics and a great way to support Dynamic Gymnastics during this challenging time. Participants can be located anywhere and log in anytime.

If you are interested, please register via the button below. 

Classes are listed as "Home-nastics".

As a reminder, those clients who are currently enrolled in Dynamic's recreational classes will NOT be charged tuition until we return. Virtual class enrollments are additional payments.

If you have any additional questions regarding billing please contact us via email.

Things To Know

Zoom Meetings

Google Classroom

Google Classroom


Zoom is a video communications platform, accessible via a web browser, Android, and Apple iOS.

A full-featured Basic Plan is offered for free with unlimited meetings. Your basic plan has a 40 minute time limit on meetings with three or more total participants.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom


Google Classroom is a free web service -- that aims to simply creating, distributing, and evaluating assignments in a paperless way.

Classroom seamlessly integrates with your free Google email account, and other Google tools such as Google Docs & Drive. You can access Classroom using any web browser, Android, and/or Apple iOs mobile devices.