Why choose Boy’s Gymnastics?

The sport of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics provides amazing physical, social and cognitive benefits. Some of the Physical benefits that these athletes gain are Upper Body Strength, Lower Body Strength, Flexibility, Spatial Awareness and Endurance. The Sport of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is both an individual sport and a team sport. Within the individual aspect, your athlete will be able to set specific goals for himself and with the support of his coach, feel success for himself which is completely unique in our sport. Within the team aspect of the sport and our program, learning to be compassionate to others as well as working towards a common goal as a group. Gymnastics provides some great benefits with cognitive skills as well as the sport teaches rhythm, timing and constant stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain.

If you have a daughter in the sport, your family will be able to receive a family discount once your son joins us as well.

With all of the Benefits that the sport of Men’s Gymnastics provides, it is the absolute perfect sport to start off his athletic career, giving him a strong foundation of movement and strength. If your son is already an athlete in another sport, Gymnastics is the perfect addition to cross train and your son will see the benefits in the other sport(s) that he is already involved with.

What School Aged Boy’s Class Opportunities are provided at Dynamic Gymnastics?

Beginner Class (Ages 5-8)

Beginner Class (Ages 9+)

*Intermediate (All Ages)

*Advanced (coming soon)

*Pre Team (Ages 4-6)

*Division 2 Pre Team (Ages 7+)

(*) Denotes invitation by coaches approval to join the class.

What Attire is appropriate for Boy’s Gymnastics?

  • An athletic tank top or fitted tee shirt (tucked in).
  • Athletic Shorts above the knee with no pockets, buttons, snaps or visible draw string.
  • Athletic pants no longer than the ankle with no pockets, buttons, snaps or visible draw string.
  • Wresting or Gymnastics Singlet with described shorts or pants.

How long does it take to advance through the levels?

There is no set time. It all depends on the athlete’s ability and drive to successfully and safely complete the required Skills on the skill Chart of that particular level. A good rule of thumb is that it takes about a year for the average student to successfully move from one level to the next. Some may take longer while others may not.

How can my son become a competitive Gymnast?

Once your son has completed the required skills in the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Pre Team levels, his coach will recommend for an evaluation of the athlete by the Head Coach. If your son is currently a Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnast and is looking to join our Club, he will need to be evaluated by the Head Coach for appropriate level placement. Please note that the Minimum Age for the Introductory Competitive Level is 6 years old.

What is the time dedication for a competitive Gymnast?

Depending on the Level of the Gymnast, our boys will train anywhere from 9-16+ hours per week. During the Competition Season ( November – April or May), the Griffin Boys’ Team will attend 5 meets, one of which is usually a travel meet, along with States, Regional and National Championships depending on the level and score qualifications to enter these Competitions.

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