Beginner Boys

  • 1 Hour Class
  • 5-8 and 9+ Classes

This class is designed for boys who are looking to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, discipline and want to go upside down. This fun class has a very detailed curriculum where skills on all of the men’s apparatus are taught in a progressive and safe atmosphere. Boys will have a great time burning off excess energy and also practice team work and goal setting.

Boys Intermediate

  • 1 Hour class
  • Ages 6 and up

Formerly Boys Division 3. Placement is required to enter this class. Gymnasts will already have mastered basic skills taught at the beginning level. Your child will begin to develop their skill on each of the apparatus. Our highly trained staff will set up drills and stations to enhance progression. Gymnasts learn to work together and have fun.

Schedule of Classes - N Quincy

Schedule of Classes - Carlin Springs