Partnering with the Kount on Kindness program, Dynamic Gymnastics of Arlington is proud to represent a supportive and positive athletic environment.

Take the KOUNT on KINDNESS  pledge and JOIN OUR TEAM!

As a member of the Kount on Kindness community I will strive to treat all people with respect regardless of our differences. This means:


  •  I will be kind and supportive of all of my teammates.
  •  I will celebrate our team’s diversity.
  •  I will value other’s differences and treat others with kindness and respect.
  •  I will help to create a team unified environment where we constantly encourage each other.
  •  I will try to include everyone in play, especially those who are often left out.


  • I will coach my gymnasts to the very best of my ability.
  • I will always coach my gymnasts in a positive manner.
  • I understand that gymnastics is difficult to master and I will always recognize my athletes efforts.


  •  I will respect that my gymnast may have a rough day at practice or competition and remind them that something positive will always come from trying.
  •  I will be supportive of my athlete’s dreams and goals in the sport of gymnastics, as well as the dreams and goals of other people’s children.
  •  I will keep in mind that I am my athlete’s role model and as such I will remain professional and act in a positive and respectful manner.



 kount on kindness